Acquaintance with the creators of your perfect dress!

Inaya Bridal - sewing the perfect dress

We are a team of professionals who sew wedding and evening dresses. We sew dresses of any complexity, according to any layout. We have no restrictions, so we fully reproduce your vision. Our managers accompany you every step of the way! From your idea to your YES on the most important day of your life.


Let's turn your dream into reality

At least once in your life, you have encountered difficulties finding your perfect dress, entirely by your standards and your vision. We will help you create a dream dress according to your imagination.


Accompaniment from the beginning to the final goal

You can create the perfect dress thanks to a unique designer on the site or develop a layout with our designers. Next, they will help you make edits to create a great result. We will help you pick suitable fabrics. You will virtually see the dress on you! 


The uniqueness of Inaya Bridal

  • Creating a unique dress layout
  • Using only quality fabrics
  • Having an outstanding team of professionals
  • Tailoring dresses according to individual measurements


We do not save on fabrics

The material for making dresses is an essential component! That's why we never save on fabrics. The whole image of the bride depends on it. We help you choose quality and suitable materials for sewing your perfect dress.


We make beautiful dresses, not only for brides

We sew dresses for any events and any person! Dress for the bride, the bridesmaids, the mom, daughter, or aunt!

Dress for a wedding, for a birthday, for a photo shoot, and so on! Our arsenal also includes ready-made designer dresses!


Family look

We have a unique collection, "Mum and I"! The personification of tenderness and beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. We will sew the same dresses for you and your daughter! No one will be able to resist.


We turn customers into regulars

We love our customers, and they come back to us many times because we sew very high-quality dresses, at a very nice price! Just show us a picture or describe your ideas, and we will make it a reality! Once you get the result, you will return for the next dress!


We make beauty without leaving home

A unique feature of our salon is the creation of a dress online! Thanks to a fantastic builder, you can design the layout of the dress yourself! There is a video of an explanation for correct measurements! And wow, the dress is ready, enjoy it!


Our creativity has no limits

We make princesses happy all over the world! After all, we send dresses to any part of the world. That's why a beautiful and high-quality dress is possible, together with Inaya Bridal!

Our collections are created for exclusivity, in limited quantities. With timeless designs, quality fabrics, and transparent pricing, we believe this is the formula in building a uniquely graceful wardrobe. Find your new and forever favorite dresses!

Acquaintance with the creators of your perfect dress!

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