Buying or sewing a wedding dress

Why is sewing a wedding dress better than buying it?

Today, everyone knows that it is better to sew a custom wedding dress! There are many reasons for this. And the experience of brides confirms this! This article will consider what privileges you will receive when ordering a dress for tailoring.


You know what you want

Almost every bride has a rough idea of ​​her perfect dress. But when the search begins, the first difficulties arise! There seem to be so many suitable dresses, but they are not ideal. That is why sewing custom dresses makes them look and feel better!


Tailoring and its advantages

- Tailoring a wedding dress means it will be completely tailored to your measurements so that the dress will fit perfectly!

- The style of the dress you will develop together with professionals! This way, you will choose a model to emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses.

- The dress will be designed entirely according to your vision so that you can turn your dream into reality.

- Fabrics for the dress will also be chosen among the best. It guarantees you a high-quality dress and an expensive look.

- You can order a dress from any famous designer because it does not tie you to wedding salons.

- You can make a unique dress that is unlike any other.

- You will save your time by not spending it looking for a dress.

- And the main thing is your support. Professionals will always help from the beginning to the ever important "YES".


Favorable price

Seeing a fantastic dress, you may think that it is too expensive. It can be so. But you can sew the same, much cheaper, without overpaying for the brand name. You can also make changes there. Then the dress will be unique.


Tailoring has several stages

Tailoring consists of several stages. Even if you have new ideas or edits, they are all realistic to make. The most important thing is to do it on time. Unfortunately, changing something in a purchased dress is scary, and could make things worse.


Save time

Modern custom dress makers such as Inaya Bridal have online dressmaking services. It is an excellent opportunity to save your time. You need to take measurements according to the instructions and have an online call with a seamstress. Then there is an online consultation that can be conducted from anywhere in the world!


Don't be afraid to trust professionals

Choose only verified studios where professionals work. To get pleasure from creating your dream dress, you need to be confident in the people who will do it. 

- feel free in your desires;

- give freedom to yourself;

- make the dream dress.

You mustn't agree with what is simply beautiful in the wedding salon. You must agree on the unsurpassed and unique, created by you.

Tailoring a wedding dress has many of the privileges we have listed above! The choice is up to you. But if you want to be 100% unique, get a luxurious dress for standard money! Impress everyone with your beauty and be confident in your appearance! 

On our site, you will design your dress and understand whether your ideas suit you, thanks to a unique virtual designer.

So make the right choice, but do it in advance!

Custom wedding dress

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