How to choose a bouquet for the bride

We all know our little secret! Since childhood, each of us has imagined ourselves as a bride in a luxurious dress! And next to the prince on a white horse! Time passes, we grow, and the fairy tale becomes a reality! There are pleasant worries, preparation, and a selection of all the details for the wedding! This is where difficulties can sometimes arise! After all, we all understand that all guests will appreciate the bride's appearance, so everyone dreams of looking perfect, down to the smallest detail!

How to choose a bouquet for the bride

Let's choose the right bouquet for the bride because it is perhaps the most essential attribute! So several tips will help you decide on the perfect decor for your wedding! Let's look at some of them:

- The bouquet should not attract more attention than the dress. It should complement the dress!

- The bouquet should match the style of the wedding, the style of the dress, and its fabric!

- The bouquet should match the colors of the wedding!

A stylish modest bouquet usually goes well with a chic lush dress! On the contrary, a luxurious bouquet complements a modest dress!

Bouquet shape

Today there are many free forms of bouquets. Round or cascade etc. It all depends on your preferences and wedding style! The florist will be able to advise you on the form. It is best when one person will do the decor of the wedding hall and the bouquet! It will give a complete understanding of the most appropriate form. But this is not fundamental!

Bouquet handle

The latest trend for naturalness and eco handles with natural stems look very beautiful, so many florists choose this option! You can also decorate the branches with satin ribbons that will match the colors of the wedding!

What flowers to choose

Choose the flowers that will make up the decor of your wedding! Now it has become popular to make a bouquet of one type of flower and decorate them quite a bit! But mixing different colors is also widely used! Seasonality also has an impact! Many of the flowers are hard to come by in winter. Please pay attention to this to order them in advance from another country. Or choose an alternative that suits you!

What to pay attention to

Remember that you will spend the whole day with a bouquet, so it is essential to choose stable flowers that will not lose their beautiful appearance at the end of the day! Carefully select the variety of flowers because they are pretty allergenic, resulting in red eyes and a spoiled appearance.

Consider the weight of the bouquet! For example, you need to keep it for a long time at the wedding ceremony so that you do not get tired!

Emphasize the shape of the figure

If the girl is tall and slender enough, many shapes will suit her, especially with falling flowers, emphasizing her beautiful figure!

If a slender girl is not very tall, a round shape will suit you best!

But always remember that a professional florist hears all the intricacies and will quickly offer you suitable options. So do not save on this item, and it is better to create a bouquet not alone but together with a florist!

Know which bouquet you would choose, remember that you are unsurpassed and personal, and the most important thing on this day is still the radiance of your eyes!

We wish you to choose a bouquet that will emphasize your uniqueness!

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