How to choose a date for a wedding

After the proposal and the decision to have a wedding, the question arises about which date to choose and how not to make a mistake on this special day! After all, this date will be unique for you for life.

Many religious holidays, omens, beliefs, or simply superstitions come into force here.You may not pay attention to all this, because your love is pouring over the edge, but let's talk about the pros and cons of weddings at different times of the year!

Own preferences

Everyone has a favorite time of year, and every girl imagined her wedding a long time ago. So discuss with the groom how you envision your wedding, whether under the scorching sun or the snow-white winter. Come to a common opinion about what time of year you like the most and start more detailed planning. Choose a date so that you have time to prepare everything you want. Such an event requires long reflection and careful preparation.

Winter wedding

The significant advantage is that you can safely choose the correct date and book your favorite restaurant. After all, there are no queues in winter. Of course, the minuses are the air temperature and sometimes precipitation. When planning a wedding in the winter, you should understand that arranging photo shoots outdoors is not safe. And the white color of the dress can merge with the landscape. Also, an essential aspect of the restaurant is vegetables and fruits. Their price is much higher than in season.

Spring wedding

The spring wedding delights with its beauty, flowering trees, and birdsong. But no one is safe from the vagaries of nature, and the weather is certainly not predictable. As for the table, spring is also not the most generous time.

Summer wedding

Summer weddings are pretty popular. The bride can emphasize her beauty with any dress! Photo sessions in mysterious places, near the ocean or the endless forest. The table will delight with its diversity and range. Take in mind that many people are also planning a vacation. Therefore, warn guests about the date of the event before a month or two. So that guests can prepare.

Autumn wedding

This time is the most popular. Therefore, you must book a restaurant and the marriage registration in advance. The season surprises with its colors and fantastic weather. Most are dominated by brown and yellow. Keep this in mind for the design of your celebration. This time is also suitable for florists.


Many newlyweds resort to numerology. They make dates of birth, acquaintances, and happy days and find your perfect one! Believe it or not, it's up to you, but it's okay to try to find a lucky number.

After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of different seasons, think through everything in detail and even what your date will look like when writing! Which day of the week will be the most convenient for you and your guests! But as the practice of young people shows, happiness does not depend on the date at all!    

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