Inaya Bridal Custom Dress Making Process


Steps that need to be taken before your Consultation:

  • Complete Custom Couture Dress Survey to start bringing your dress to life (Click Here to Get Started)
  • If you have any inspiration pictures, sketches, etc. you will be asked to upload them at the end of your survey.
  • Describe any modifications you want to make to the inspiration.
  • Describe the Elements of the Dress, Delivery Date, & Budget
  • Set up your one-on-one consultation appointment with one of our designers.


One on One online consultation with our designer:

  • Discuss the Elements of your dress (Fabric, Lace, Appliques, Beadwork etc)
  • Discuss the Sizing and Fit of the Dress
  • Discuss the Delivery time & Estimated Budget.
  • Determine sizing method used for the Dress Design
  • Determine if a sketch-up is required.
  • Answering all of your questions and outlining the entire process.
  • Determining Budget

Design phase:

Where we go to work for you (3-5 Business Days):

  • Our teams start sourcing all the different design elements of your dress (Fabric, Lace, Appliques, Beadwork etc)
  • If Custom Fabric is needed we will order a sample yard for your design.
  • A Custom Dress Proposal is made with a guaranteed Delivery date and the final price of your dress.
  • Sketch up of the dress is provided if requested.

Final design approval:

  • Upon Approval of the design you will be asked to make a 50% payment for your dress.
  • Upon signed agreement & Payment our team will start production


3-6 Weeks Depending on how detailed the dress is:

  • During production our team will update you weekly with pictures & videos of the dress
  • You will receive your first update when paper pattern mock up of the dress is complete
  • Fabric & Design Elements updates are provided
  • Limited modifications are still allowed up to this point.

Final proof confirmation:

  • High Quality images and videos will be sent to you when the final piece is ready for approval.
  • Any final modification requests can be made here.
  • Once the client is 100% satisfied with the dress the remaining 50% is paid.


Fast Free Shipping to anywhere in the world:

  • Dress is delivered to the office
  • Local brides can wear the dress in the office to see the fitting and pick it up from the office after making the final payment.
  • Non-local brides can receive 1 free alteration request.