Meet Our Designer

Growing up I always imagined myself in the medical industry.  I wanted to become a Doctor until I got married and became a mother.  My Husband supported me towards the path I was taking, but he also pointed out how rigorous and time consuming becoming a Doctor would be.  I also understood that becoming a Doctor would limit my time with my daughter as she grew up.  I always had a passion for fashion and loved making custom dresses for myself, but building a business around it would require so much more.   My husband has been an entrepreneur his entire life and said he would assist as much as he could if I wanted to pursue.  

I decided to pursue this new career path and actually wanted to fill a major void in the marketplace.   I wanted to be the link between a girls vision for that perfect dress and her final product.  Today that link is a reality through !

I promise to share all of our resources with our clients.  Throughout the years we have brought onboard some of the best seamstresses and dressmakers from around the world.  Our team has access to any fabric from any part of the world and we are also capable of making custom fabrics, laces, appliques etc.  

I look forward to working with each one of you individually in designing and producing that perfect dress 


Much Love 

- Hassina